Dancing Jesus - Beezy Bailey
Dancing Jesus - Beezy Bailey
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Years ago, when I was collaborating with David Bowie, I did a life size portrait of him with his arms outstretched and feet pointing in a crucifixion pose. Much more recently, I took this theme up in a body of work titled The Dancing Jesus. It struck me that if one removed the cross from the crucifix, the figure of Christ looks like he is dancing. This lead to a performance using a jazzed up version of the hymn Lord of the Dance and had a performer dancing as Jesus and flanked by tow life size bronze Christ figures, one of which was doing the Charleston and wearing high heels. In addition to this I did a body of paintings and drawings around this theme as well as pure gold sculpture and others in pure silver where the Christ figure kicks his back leg out, but is otherwise a perfect Crucifix figure. Without the cross, or holes in the hands or the thorns, the God king, devoid of suffering celebrates life and the resurrection.